5 Best Ways to Show Appreciation for Clients in 2019

Client appreciation gift doesn’t always have to be complicated or expensive. You often see brands pulling together huge, expensive customer appreciation gifts, such grand gestures aren’t necessarily feasible for smaller businesses. Nonetheless, investing the time and resources you can into customer appreciation is a must in today’s day and age.

As a small business person, you know that your most important asset is your customers. But how often do you take the effort of thanking your customers and reward them for everything for the things they do? Small steps towards customer appreciation and reward loyalty can go a long way in building and sustaining these fruitful relationships.

Showing customers that you care doesn’t have to be always costly. Here are five client appreciation gifts/ ways you can use to pay your gratitude towards your clients without breaking the bank.

  1. Give them the recognition they deserve: Everyone likes to be appreciated for their efforts; your customers are no different. If you’re looking for client appreciation ideas, try featuring a client of the week or month- someone who has truly helped you to grow your business. Try putting a sign in front of your office or highlighting the customer. The recognition will go a long way towards encouraging other customers to get more involved in your business as well.
  2. Write a handwritten note: Challenge yourself to the next level with a handwritten note by making it individual to your client’s interests’ and relationships with the company. You want them to know that you’re giving them a unique token of appreciation specific to only them.
  3. Feature your clients in company communications: Featuring your customers in company’s communications is a good way to showcasing that you care for them. You can highlight a client based on their organization’s accomplishments, or for the positive contributions to the community like service or philanthropy. Before featuring a client, get the required permissions from them or their PR representative so that you aren’t exposing sensitive information or using their branding assets in a way that doesn’t match their own corporate policies.
  4. Request feedback: Everyone appreciates being asked for their opinion. As loyalists, your clients will provide you with informed opinions that could be helpful in determining a new service to release, a menu item to introduce, or a marketing tactic to try. Send a survey to your loyal customers to ask for opinions. Be sure to make it clear that you are asking them because they are valued followers of your business. You could even ask them a few questions in person or have a questionnaire ready for them to fill out the next time they visit the store. Whichever way you ask for feedback, make sure you’re taking their inputs seriously. If they take time to provide their valuable feedback, it’s your responsibility to take their advice to heart.
  5. Host a special customer appreciation event: A customer appreciation event might sound like an expensive option of all suggestions, but it can be surprisingly affordable depending on the activity, venue, and the size of the guest list. By hosting a customer appreciation event, you can trim down your guest list to include only those clients who will get the most out of it and are likely to be in business with you few years down the road. This way you can retain the intimacy and have enough time to work on developing lasting client relationships during your event.

Lastly, saying thank you is an excellent way to not only express your appreciation but also keep the line of communication open between you and your client while keeping the name of your company on the top of the mind of the client.

If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to thank your clients, better keep this list in mind.

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