Eco-Friendly Beliefs

We realize how important it is to be eco-friendly in every product we retail or offer to our clients and customers alike. We have consciously taken several steps in this direction. First and foremost, we use either recycled paper bags or canvas bags to help our customers carry their purchase home. Second, we offer festival idols (of gods – Ganesha in specific) that dissolve in a bucket of water in thirty minutes. Third – several artefacts that we stock are made by rural artisans and have an earthy feel about them.  Just three of the several measures we have adopted to stick to the theme of being eco-friendly. 

Yes, we have several stories to tell but they are better done in person through passionate individuals who are the brain and force behind this venture. We encourage you to call us (+91-7400052265) or walk into our store (if you live in or around Mumbai).

Our wide product range includes apparel, saris, handicraft items, home essentials, home decor products, lamps and lanterns, bags and accessories, stationery made from natural raw materials like jute, cotton, canvas, terracota, recycled paper and wood to name a few. 

Our artefacts are handcrafted and mostly made from terraota, wood or metal can adorn urban homes, luxury hotels, bungalows, penthouses, terrace houses, cottages and more. Our bags are made from natural fibres. Our stationery is recycled.  Thus they make unique items for personal use, general occasions gifting or corporate gifting.


Eco-friendly Ganesh idol
The Regalo cloth bag
Wooden key chains
Clay based cup and saucers
Best from waste - plant holders
The owners and their resolve
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