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Regalo Quiz – 2

Name a pointy plant with reptilian name that releases oxygen and is good for the environment.

Regalo – Ecofriendly Ethos

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle is not just a philosophy any more. The environmental imbalance we hear about every passing day has forced us to adopt and imbibe to the maximum extent possible. It is imperative therefore to think of ways and means to incorporate this in everything we do and this includes the business we operate – Regalo (the gifting solutions company).

This is a habit both of us – mothers at Regalo imbibed early on in our life.

School projects or rather ‘work experience’ is something that our kids always reminded us of at the eleventh hour (It is a well known joke that work experience is considered mom’s project more than the kid’s). Yes, one could think of rushing to a nearby store and buy all the fancy material to make the project look fab but both of us have this frugal mentality and we would first scourge all the elements available at home mostly from our store rooms or attic and guess what, we always managed to find unique things that not only gave the projects a great finish but built in narrative of finding the best from waste that was always appreciated.

As they say, good habits cultivated over time never leave you. It is evident in our store as well. We have sourced several recycled material to adorn our store. You can reuse our canvas bags and they look fashionable too. We went completely digital from day one thus reducing usage of paper. Most of what we sell has an Eco-friendly tag and story behind it.

We would like to hear your story too….please do share in the comments section below.

Being Organised

In our start-up journey, we realised over a year in the game that in the quest to increase revenue and having a good hold on cost, we often lost focus on key tasks. We would depend less on our own acumen and maturity and listen to anything and everything that appeared to make sense….many a times without proper evaluation or getting into details. Well, it was human to keep hunting for every spark that seemed to have the potential to increase the steepness of the growth curve.

We realised we had far too many objectives and tasks to chase and they weren’t in any particular order. The result, there was too much parallel processing and several half-baked solutions.

We would often sit in despair and wonder why were we so busy yet not witnessing commensurate growth and on top of that our piling inventory and vendor payments were a huge drain on our ever depleting patience levels.

It didn’t take a miracle to set things right. We realised ourselves (and through timely advise from people helping us grow) that we had to prune the list of things to do, prioritise them to choose what was necessary and important and others that could wait. We started completing more tasks and soon realised we didn’t have a frustrating pending list too.

Yes, we continue to be busy but with the right order of work. While every iota of growth brings in new challenges, we have at least realised that being organised lessens the quantum of stress that we would have otherwise carried on our small heads.

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