What if there were no Trees on Earth?

A world without trees would be…….very, very bad.

There are approximately 3.04 trillion trees on Earth, covering around 31% of the land surface. Around 15 billion trees are cut every year. Hypothetically, speaking it would take nearly 200 years for the trees to disappear from the face of Earth. While this scenario is unlikely, what will be the consequences if this happens for real? An awful thought! And a very dangerous one. No more shady, leafy canopies. No more flowering magnolias or cherry blossoms. No more protection from windy rains. The world would seem naked without the most essential component required for the survival of humans. Read More

We are mothers first

When we decided to turn entrepreneurs, we spent enormous amount of time scourging ideas, markets, business fundamentals, plans and trying to figure out how we would scale through several obstacles along the way. It was daunting but when we set foot on the journey, we realised the problems didn’t seem as unsurmountable as it appeared in the beginning. Each time we hit a roadblock, we seemed to brace through it with some strength that we didn’t imagine we had. We realised, we have learnt several lessons over the years – through situations that lent a blow, through instances that made us smile, through occurrences that made us despair, through setbacks that put us down but we were up and looking forward to the next day and through outcomes that made us jump with joy. 

We realised our strength to withstand, learn or enjoy every thing that life threw at us came from being a Mother First.

Motherhood has taught us patience, resilience, understanding, persistence, feeling happy about small successes and celebrating, pulling ourselves back up after hard times, organising, sticking to timelines and a lot more. 

So for all mothers out there, if you are still wondering what it takes to be an entrepreneur….you possibly already have the answer and you are well set to be one. 

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Making memories – Part 1

With a store like Regalo, we get to meet a number of people every day, out to buy different kinds of things. Once in a while though, we get a customer we are truly unable to forget. One morning, as we went about getting ready for the day, we got a call on the Regalo phone number. The gentleman on the other end of the line had seen our ad in the newspaper and wanted to enquire about a discount.

After the usual pleasantries, he told us that while he was keen on coming to the store to look at a few novelty items, he would not be able to do so as he was quite old and had difficulty walking in addition to the fact that he would have trouble finding the store, being a new customer. So, we decided to arrange a car for him and have him picked up so that he didn’t miss out on an outing simply because of his age.

A resident of a nearby housing society, the old man was brought to Regalo within the hour and we were all quite pleased to meet him. He took a good while to look around the store and was delighted with the collection, promising to tell his daughter and son who were settled abroad, to come check out the store whenever they came to town. We spent a good hour chatting and discussing various anecdotes.

Soon it was time to leave, and we had once more arranged a car and driver to drop the gentleman back safely. However, this time he refused our service and instead wanted to return back to his home on his own, insisting that he was still strong enough to do so despite  his age. Seeing his spirit inspired us and we hope to continue serving customers like him. Here at Regalo, we believe in building emotional connections and supporting the community emphasising the fact that gifting is for all, no matter their age or abilities!

Our start-up journey so far

Well… the title certainly seems like we have arrived. Far from it. We are just seven months old and it is actually too early to even call it a journey. But then again why not? Every journey need not lead you to a final destination. Some journeys are stopovers for you to take a breather and then move on right?

And this is just the title. Each and everyday of these seven months have been unique and we have innumerable stories to tell. Infact, that’s the beauty of a startup.

Exactly. Contrary to the popular belief that it is that one idea that makes it work, actually start-up literally starts with multiple ideas out of which some work some don’t and slowly and steadily it shapes up and if one is lucky they may nail it.

One of my early discoveries made me realise that any business idea needs to be made to work. What sounds brilliant to us in the beginning never feels the same for your customers and you are left wondering. And the chiseling process starts and suddenly you start seeing a few results and start rejoicing only to see that you are back to square one.

I do think that this is good learning for seven months and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a long long way to go.
Hope to share more stories of the ongoing journey. Happy startup 🙂

Importance Of Teacher’s Day

The moment we think of any ‘teacher/guru’, a feeling of reverence fills our minds. We are submitted to the fact that teachers are required in any walk of life.

Our lives start with our parents being our first teachers and they stay so for a lifetime. Though, at some point parents feel they can learn so much from their children and role reversals happen. This is actually their success. During the course, many teachers are introduced in phases who are subject specific.

Everyday is a new learning and every learning teaches a new experience. The moment we stop learning, we stop growing.

We at Regalo believe in learning from all our customers and experiences and customers take the shape of our Guru.

Seek your blessings… thanks.

Happy Teachers Day:)


Happy Friendship Day

Was woken up by a flurry of messages this morning. Even before I saw the messages I had guessed that it must be either the birthday of someone in the group or some celebrated day. Could not think of any festive occasion.
And lo… realised from the messages it is ‘Friendship Day’. Wow!!! However much one criticises the existence of cell phones and how technology has taken over our lives, I couldn’t help silently feeling happy over the number of friends I have. Yes. I’m sure many of you share these emotions.
Over the years, expression of friendship has evolved from meeting , socialising , friendship bands to social media friends etc. However the expression, friendship is important and has gained importance, more so in the social media times. It is interesting that friendship also takes various forms along with different stages of your lives.
One of the most interesting stories of friendship which I cant help quoting though we all know is that of ‘Sudama and Krishna ‘… yes intentionally written in that order.
The story goes …
‘Sudama is a simpleton from a Brahmin family also with a bit of deformity and a good friend of Lord Krishna. Yes, The Lord Krishna who in contrast, is from an illustrious family. They played together and had fun times, anxious times like all of us do. Time passed and everyone started leading their own lives. Sudama and his family were struggling with poverty and Sudama’s wife kept insisting he should meet his old illustrious friend and discuss their misery with him. Sudama felt very awkward at this suggestion, but at his wife’s insistence he decided to give it a try.
He was meeting his childhood friend after so long. He could not go empty handed. He decided to carry some puffed rice, which is what he could afford. Filled with excitement he set out to meet his friend. When he reached, he was overwhelmed by the welcome from his friend Lord Krishna, despite his stature and wealth. Krishna made it a point to ask for his gift and when he handed it over, he thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the puffed rice. The story also states that when Sudama reached back, his small cottage was converted into a palace etc. however, I will stop here.’
There are so many takeaways from this story.
Friendships do not look at statures.
Friendships are timeless.
Friendships are ageless.
And most importantly, when you gift friends, the size or value of the gifts do not matter. What matters is the feeling and emotions.
We at Regalo believe in these values.
Happy Friendship Day:)
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