Happy Friendship Day

Was woken up by a flurry of messages this morning. Even before I saw the messages I had guessed that it must be either the birthday of someone in the group or some celebrated day. Could not think of any festive occasion.
And lo… realised from the messages it is ‘Friendship Day’. Wow!!! However much one criticises the existence of cell phones and how technology has taken over our lives, I couldn’t help silently feeling happy over the number of friends I have. Yes. I’m sure many of you share these emotions.
Over the years, expression of friendship has evolved from meeting , socialising , friendship bands to social media friends etc. However the expression, friendship is important and has gained importance, more so in the social media times. It is interesting that friendship also takes various forms along with different stages of your lives.
One of the most interesting stories of friendship which I cant help quoting though we all know is that of ‘Sudama and Krishna ‘… yes intentionally written in that order.
The story goes …
‘Sudama is a simpleton from a Brahmin family also with a bit of deformity and a good friend of Lord Krishna. Yes, The Lord Krishna who in contrast, is from an illustrious family. They played together and had fun times, anxious times like all of us do. Time passed and everyone started leading their own lives. Sudama and his family were struggling with poverty and Sudama’s wife kept insisting he should meet his old illustrious friend and discuss their misery with him. Sudama felt very awkward at this suggestion, but at his wife’s insistence he decided to give it a try.
He was meeting his childhood friend after so long. He could not go empty handed. He decided to carry some puffed rice, which is what he could afford. Filled with excitement he set out to meet his friend. When he reached, he was overwhelmed by the welcome from his friend Lord Krishna, despite his stature and wealth. Krishna made it a point to ask for his gift and when he handed it over, he thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the puffed rice. The story also states that when Sudama reached back, his small cottage was converted into a palace etc. however, I will stop here.’
There are so many takeaways from this story.
Friendships do not look at statures.
Friendships are timeless.
Friendships are ageless.
And most importantly, when you gift friends, the size or value of the gifts do not matter. What matters is the feeling and emotions.
We at Regalo believe in these values.
Happy Friendship Day:)

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  1. Leena Sharma says:

    Beautifully put Sheetal. Happy friendship day 🙂

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