We are mothers first

When we decided to turn entrepreneurs, we spent enormous amount of time scourging ideas, markets, business fundamentals, plans and trying to figure out how we would scale through several obstacles along the way. It was daunting but when we set foot on the journey, we realised the problems didn’t seem as unsurmountable as it appeared in the beginning. Each time we hit a roadblock, we seemed to brace through it with some strength that we didn’t imagine we had. We realised, we have learnt several lessons over the years – through situations that lent a blow, through instances that made us smile, through occurrences that made us despair, through setbacks that put us down but we were up and looking forward to the next day and through outcomes that made us jump with joy. 

We realised our strength to withstand, learn or enjoy every thing that life threw at us came from being a Mother First.

Motherhood has taught us patience, resilience, understanding, persistence, feeling happy about small successes and celebrating, pulling ourselves back up after hard times, organising, sticking to timelines and a lot more. 

So for all mothers out there, if you are still wondering what it takes to be an entrepreneur….you possibly already have the answer and you are well set to be one. 

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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